Are Parents Included in a Newborn Session?

YES! Parents are definitely included in a Newborn photo session. In fact, sometimes parents – mostly mommas, are hesitant when it comes to having their photos taken during their baby’s session. They haven’t slept for days, they are overwhelmed, tired and don’t think they look their best!

Hold it right there Momma! You are beautiful just the way you are. You brought this little human being into this world and that itself is a superpower! You will be forever loved and cherished no matter how you look, and if you need just a little extra boost of confidence for your session, we can definitely help you with that by offering makeup and hair services upon request!

We highly encourage parents to participate in this photoshoot and allow us to capture their very FIRST FAMILY PORTRAIT! How exciting does that sound? I get butterflies just thinking about it! It’s my favorite part of a session – Family Shots! Family shots include poses with mom and baby, dad and baby, siblings if any, and finally, the family portrait! Babies will grow and look back at these images and would want a keepsake of their first family portraits.

Allowing us to capture those special moments with your newest bundle of joy is not only giving us the opportunity to take a ‘picture’, its giving us the honor of capturing the joy and the excitement you as new parents feel while holding this little miracle.

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