Cake Smash for Baby Girl: Amelia

Are you worried your little one won’t cooperate during their Cake Smash session? Don’t worry, we have you covered! You’re excited for this photoshoot, you’ve been waiting for months, but suddenly your baby throws a massive tantrum? Some babies jump right into their cake smash session, others take their time! It’s all normal!

With some vocal skills singing nursery rhymes, bubbles, plush toys, and funny faces, all babies eventually warm up! Patience is the key!

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Baby Amelia was the sweetest little thing! She came in for her Cake Smash session nervous and hesitant in this new environment. She was comforted in the presence of her two older brothers who did their best to cheer up their little sis! It took sweet little Amelia about 45 minutes to warm up to me and show me her cute smile! Once we brought in the cake, it was a whole different story! She was excited and happily smashing that cake with her hands and getting messy! She looked like she was having fun and that’s exactly what these sessions are for! Fun memories to look back on and cherish forever!

Here’s a look at some of Amelia’s photos from her gallery!

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