Cake Smash for baby boy: Milo

As you all know by now, a Cake Smash session is a photography session around your baby’s first Birthday to mark this special milestone! It involves a Cake, a very messy toddler, and a photographer (ME ! ) to capture these special moments!

Milo did absolutely amazing during his Cake Smash session!

The minute he walked in he had a big wide smile and it barely took a minute for him to get acquainted with the new environment! He was born to do it! Baby Milo was such a fun baby boy to work with. He gave me lots of smiles and made silly faces, and most importantly, he LOVED smashing and eating his yummy cake that we eventually had to stop before he devoured the whole thing! His momma was so happy and so was I with the beautiful memories I shot!

Here’s a look at a few of the images in his gallery!

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