Is Newborn Photography Safe?

The short answer is: Yes, Newborn Photography is safe. However, it comes with the famous IF word. Newborn Photography is safe IF done properly, taking all the safety measures needed to keep the baby comfortable during the session.

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Like any other industry, when starting a newborn photography business, photographers need proper training from a professional. Training on how to wrap the baby, soothe the baby, photograph the baby, etc. Most of these training courses or workshops come with a ‘Newborn Safety’ part which goes over the basic safety measures required for a successful, risk-free session.

Some new parents are often worried and hesitant when it comes to wrapping babies in potato sack poses. I’m here to tell you that wrapping babies in a potato sack is totally safe IF the photographer is aware of his/her wrapping techniques, isn’t wrapping too tight, and makes sure the baby’s airways are not blocked when getting them into position. After all, newborns are used to the tight space inside their mommy’s belly and actually feel safe and secure when wrapped. Most babies settle down and fall into a deep sleep when fully wrapped. Keeping an eye on baby’s breathing, skin color, and temperature are key factors that all professional photographers take into consideration. Also, one of the most important things that trained newborn photographers like myself are careful of is their Cameras while shooting a top-down shot above the baby.

Newborns are unpredictable. I try to tell all parents that a certain amount of crying is expected and normal during their photoshoot just as it’s expected when they are at home. At the end of day, the only way for a baby to communicate is through crying. Nine out of ten, they’re crying because they’re either sleepy and want to be cuddled, or hungry or simply they have a dirty diaper and want to be changed.

It’s all normal and expected as long as a photographer is a responsible one and puts baby’s safety and comfort above everything else.

Keep safe!


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