Do Twin Newborn Sessions Cost More At Zartarel Photography?

Twin babies, double the cost?

Not at Zartarel Photography of New Jersey! The cost to photograph a newborn photo session for Twin babies at Zartarel Photography remains the same as the cost of one baby!

You found out you’re having twins? Congratulations! How exciting!

But it suddenly hits you that you will need TWO of everything! Yikes! That can be intimidating given how expensive everything is nowadays. But that’s not the case when it comes to my Newborn Sessions.

Is it harder photographing twins? Absolutely. I only have one set of hands and there’s so much I can control and fix while posing.

Yes, I will definitely need to put in more effort for twin sessions, and yes it can be more challenging to settle not one but TWO babies at once, but regardless, I charge the same rate because I truly want parents of twins to have beautiful portraits of their babies while not having to worry about the additional cost since they already have a lot on their plate to begin with.

Two car seats, two cribs, two swings and double the bottles. But ONE twin photoshoot will guarantee you a smile on your face when you see the outcome.

It is an investment indeed, but it is an investment that you will never regret making. An investment for capturing, freezing & preserving one of the most precious moments in your family’s life.

Let me help you save those memories forever!💞




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