How do I choose a Baby Photographer?

Short answer? Choose a photographer whose work you love!

The best time to schedule your Baby’s photo session is the beginning of your third trimester. At that time, you’re still feeling physically well to do all the research, go to consultations & find your best match.

By the end of your pregnancy, you’re going to be super busy with your hospital bag and things needed for the new arrival. It can get overwhelming!

Moreover, trying to find and book a newborn photographer AFTER the baby’s birth can be challenging too. You may find a photographer whose style you like, but who has no availability on their schedule. So ideally, booking your session ahead of time gives you the opportunity to customize your session based on your likes and dislikes, and it guarantees you a spot on the photographer’s calendar regardless of when the baby arrives.

Doing your research ahead of time can save you so much time & effort later on.



You want to hire a newborn photographer who has experience in this field and has attained the required education on how to handle babies safely. There are numerous online and in-person workshops available these days for newborn photography. So look for someone who has invested in their education and can provide you a quality service in a safe, clean environment, suitable for a newborn.

Also, you have to love the photographers style in order to work with them. Some baby photographers opt for simple props, others prefer flashy ones. Some newborn photographers work with neutral color tones, others like bold colors. Some use cute little outfits, others prefer only wrapping. These are all design & style options which we go over during our complimentary design consultation here in the studio.


You want to hire an infant photographer who has the most value in their packages. By value, I don’t necessarily mean pricing. Newborn Photography can be expensive and it is indeed an Investment just like any other investment.

However, it is an investment, maybe one of the very few investments which you will never regret. So choose your photographer wisely, by asking them what kind of products they offer and are they archival quality. Here at Zartarel Photography, we offer a complimentary consultation where you can come see and feel all the products before booking to your session.


Choosing a baby photographer who is 2 hours away from where you live is probably not the best idea. While it’s not unheard of, it can be challenging for new parents to go out of the house with a newborn, let alone drive 2 hours to a studio. So make sure that you look for a photographer within a reasonable distance from you.

I hope you found my list helpful!



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