How to guarantee a successful Newborn Photo session?

While it’s true that babies run the show, it is also true that parents can do a few things to help facilitate the session.

I have found that emailing a strict pre-set “Newborn Prep Guide” with multiple dos and don’ts, adds stress to new parents, so I choose to take a different route.

While I don’t provide a “Newborn Prep Guide” to all my clients, I do make sure to gently go over a few tips and tricks to make them feel more comfortable before and during a session. Let’s face it, they are new parents who most likely aren’t getting enough sleep, so guiding them at times like this helps ease the stress, rather than handing them a Prep guide which will most likely feel like an assignment.

Here are some tips for a successful Newborn Photo Session:

Before the Session:

  • Avoid any pediatric appointments the day before or the day of the Session. As a mom myself, I know that shots can affect babies and may cause fussiness due to discomfort.
  • If you are breastfeeding, try to be mindful of what you’re eating the day before the session. Eat your regular meals, however, avoid anything extreme – Broccoli for example. That may cause gas and cause discomfort for the baby.
  • Give baby a bath the night before to ensure clean hair and skin, thus reducing any flakiness.

The day of the Session:

  • Be prepared! Make sure you have enough bottles and milk (formula or breastmilk) which will last you 3-4 hours.
  • If you’re pumping and don’t have enough breastmilk readily available, please bring your pump with you in case you need to use it while I work with baby.
  • Have a burb cloth in hand in case baby is drooling or has spit-up.
  • If you’re using a Pacifier, please make sure to have two in your diaper bag. If you’re not using a Pacifier, or haven’t started yet, please have one with you just in case we need one for a few seconds. Sometimes babies need just a few seconds of sucking to fall into a deep sleep, and that saves us the trouble of starting the posing process from scratch.
  • If you’re feeding the baby before leaving the house, make sure that the baby is well-fed and has had a full feed. If not, it is best to feed baby once you arrive to the studio because a well fed baby will go into a deep sleep phase and sleep for longer stretches.

By following these few and simple tips, you can help me create a comfortable environment for the baby and guarantee a smooth session.

Now sit back and relax, and let me capture the magic for you!

Looking forward to meeting you & working with your little one!



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