Top Foods For Increasing Breastmilk Supply That Worked For Me As A First Time Mom

I had my first baby in March 2020. Covid lockdowns had just started and it was a very stressful period for everyone. What added to my stress is the fact that my breastmilk supply was pretty much non-existent the first week of being a Mom.

I was very frustrated, I was angry, sad, disappointed. I really wanted to breastfeed. I went to a Breastfeeding class, I did everything they said, and still I saw no results. Nobody told me that this was expected the first few days, and it COULD take longer for some moms to see an increase in breastmilk supply.

But I was determined to make it work. While I supplemented with formula the first week, I did my research and read every article there was about breastmilk, nursing and pumping. My daughter wasn’t latching properly, so I chose the pumping route rather than giving up completely. With determination, a strong desire to make it work and the belief that I CAN and WILL make this work, I saw an increase in my supply on a daily basis up until I came to a point where I had no more room in my freezer for storage. I tried every other thing other moms recommended, and a few DID work for me!

I am not a medical professional, so please do take into account the advice of your OB, but here a few of the


1- Oatmeal

Oatmeal became my daily go-to every morning for breakfast, accompanied by #2 on my list below!

2- Nuts

Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flex seeds, hemp seeds. All of those were added to my morning Oatmeal.

3- Brewers Yeast

What’s brewers yeast? It is a type of yeast used to raise bread, brew beer, and make wine and alcoholic drinks. The dead cells of the Brewer’s yeast are used as a dietary supplement to enhance breast milk supply. I used it in making lactation cookies with chocolate chip!

4- WATER WATER WATER! (not a food, but it is on my list!)

You can’t increase your milk supply if you’re not hydrated enough. From Water to Coconut Water, to Oat Milk & Herbal Cinnamon teas, keeping hydrated in excess amounts definitely helped ME increase my milk supply.

I went from ZERO supply the first week to FREEZING on a daily basis. Eventually, we emptied all the frozen food from my freezer and soon it became full from top to bottom with Breastmilk to an extent at which things would fall out every time I opened the freezer door. Good days!

So if you’re struggling with your breastmilk supply, DON’T STRESS!

One thing I noticed back then, was that the more I focused on the fact that I wasn’t making enough, the worst it became. I didn’t go through any of this with my second born because I already knew what to do & what to expect. I was more relaxed and everything fell into place smoothly.

I hope my experience helps you as a new mom or mom to-be. And if it did, please share!



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