What are Birth Announcements?

Birth announcement or Baby announcement is a notice sent to friends and family by parents of a newborn, alerting them of the arrival of their newest family member!

Are Birth Announcements still a thing? Yes! Many families in the US still love the idea of sending out Birth Announcements in the mail and sharing their joyous news with loved one!

What does a Birth Announcement include? A photo of the newborn first and foremost! A photo taken by a professional newborn photographer is mostly used in Birth announcement which is yet another reason to have photos taken professionally. It also includes the baby’s full name, birth date, hospital in which the baby was born, weight/height at time of birth and a special note describing the family’s overwhelming joy with this new addition!

I see parents all the time looking forward to sending those Birth announcements, so hurry up and reserve your spot Newborn session today to celebrate your baby’s arrival!

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